New England Laser Masters 2012

by laserd7

Thanks to Peter Seidenberg for this report on the New England Laser Masters…

We had completely different sailing conditions for each of the two days. Saturday started out with S 15 that increased during the day to 22 mph. Since the increase in wind speed was forecasted, with a small craft advisory in effect, about 20% of the sailors took advantage of our rig switching rule and sailed Radial, including all 6 GGMs. The usual pronounced wave pattern at the mouth of the Sakonnet River in those wind conditions was enhanced that day by the sizable swells that hurricane Leslie out in the Atlantic sent our way and up the “River”. It made “clawing” one’s way to the weather mark hard work, but running and reaching were either exhilarating or a white-knuckle experience, depending on one’s expertise in dealing with these conditions.

The Race Committee tested our endurance by giving us 6 races that day, not out of a sense of cruelty, but out of concern about the next day’s forecast of extremely light winds from the opposite direction and the possibility of no racing. Understandably, the fleet was noticeably smaller in the 6th race due to attrition. The course setup, with the committee boat in the middle of the course, the start line on its port and the finish line on its starboard, allowed for a quick race turnover. Finishes were always windward. A variety of courses were used, from modified olympic, to windward-leeward, to triangle.

As predicted, Sunday started out with no wind at all, yet the swells were still rolling up the bay, some were even breaking. However, the forecasted light northerly began to materialize early enough to allow the fleet to sail out to the race course in time for the scheduled 11 o’clock start. The wind built to about 8 mph allowing the race committee to run 5 races on windward-leeward courses well before the cut-off time of 3 p.m. Nobody sailed Radial that day. Everybody got something they liked that weekend, favoring the best all-round sailor. That sailor was Marc Jacobi from Cedar Point Y.C. Congratulations, Marc.

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