Laser Atlantic Coast Championships 19-20 May 2012

by laserd7

The Laser Atlantic Coasts were hosted by Eastern Yacht Club in Marblehead last weekend. 47 Full Rigs and 39 Radials were entered, the weather was sunny and warm, but the winds were mainly in the 2-5 knot range.

In the Radials the top 5 were…

1.Phenix Cloutier Beaudoin
2.Gary Prieto
3.Hugh MacRae
4.Hannah Lynn
5.Marie-Pier Alary

And in the Standard Rigs the winners were…

1. Clay Johnson
2. Matt Allen
3. Lucas Adams
4. Ryan Schmitz
5. Luke Muller

Full results are here.

Peter Seidenberg sent me this account of the regatta…

As expected for “Marbledead”, sailing was barely kept alive by a SSE sea breeze of 0-5 knts. But we had to wait for it on both days, before the first race and between subsequent ones. The RC was very patient and determined, keeping us out on Saturday until 6:30 to get 3 races in, and starting the second and last race on Sunday at exactly the deadline of 3:30 which turned out to be the race with the best wind all weekend.

We had a great dinner at the Eastern Y.C. on Saturday and wonderful clam chowder for the road on Sunday. The slightly better wind (when it blew) on Sunday helped me to my best finishes of two 5th. I’m now suffering from muscle aches in my thighs because of all that crouching. Still, I’m happy I went – all the waiting for wind on shore and on the water, as well as the dinner, gave all of us the chance for socializing.

And what better place to be on a sunny weekend than on the water off the coast of Marblehead!

District 11 Secretary Jon Deutsch was sailing in the regatta and blogged about it here (Saturday) and here (Sunday). Apparently he had his phone with him on the water and was tweeting and taking photos from his Laser. What dedication! You can see his photos on SmugMug.

Derek Stow