Marblehead Laser Racing starts April 15th

by laserd7

From Tom Dailey:

Dear All,

What we do does not deserve to be called “Frostbiting” – it’s not cold and its doesn’t bite. Just pure Fun. What a great Fall we had – in excess of 20 boats four times, double-digits turnout every day except that one windy day.

This Sunday looks to pick-up right where we left off, warm and windy, but not too windy – perfect for “Frostbiting”.

PS I will not be there this Sunday, will be yachting in BVI…….. So no last-minute nudges this week – consider yourself nudged.

Buy or Sell a Boat? Here are 2 opportunities:

–        13 April/CT: ask for Scott, great guy

–        28 April/Rhode Island:

Want to be involved but not sail?

–        RC volunteers always welcome

–        Twitter/Facebook: volunteer to post real-time race results and little notes like who death-rolled

–        Old fashioned social volunteer: flip burgers and drink for free

–        Prize volunteer: warning – we still haven’t arranged last years prizes yet

–        Daily beverage, cookies, and chips volunteer

–        Scoring

Bonus: You can even do a job AND sail.


–        Is the frostbite series open to all – even non-EYC members? Yes

–        When can I bring my boat to the club? 15 April, not before

–        Do I need to register before the first day of sailing? No

–        What is schedule, how much is it, etc.? See NOR attached – basically the same as last year

–        Who is the Man to Beat? Stein Skaane is defending 2011 Spring Champ, and Ben Richardson is defending from Fall 2011 – both deserve hazing

–        What’s up with the Laser ACC 19, 20 May? On Sunday 20 May we will score qualifying frostbiters in addition to normal ACC scoring. Catch is that to sail that day you will need to pay Laser NA class dues ($40) to enter the event. Could be worse.

–        Can I sail 20 May without competing in the ACC? No

–        When do I need to remove my Laser from the EYC (if I am not an EYC member)? 20 May

–        What if someone who is younger or who is trying harder passes me?

o   Answer for old people: Do you realize most Frostbiters are over 40 yrs old?

o   Answer for young ones: Do you realize how easy it is to blow by an old guy in a laser?